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"I will be eating a sandwich and then I will be eating another sandwich."

Translation:Bidh mi ag ithe ceapaire agus an uairsin bidh mi ag ithe ceapaire eile.

February 1, 2020



I wrote "Bidh mi ag ithe ceapaire agus ma-thà bidh mi ag ithe ceapaire eile."

Can anyone explain what I did wrong? When is an uairsin right and when is ma-thà right?


'An uairsin' is 'then' in the time sense, like 'I went home, and then I slept'.

'Ma-thà' is like saying 'in that case', like 'Fine then, I'll just go home and sleep'.


Thanks, I see. I think I'd just encountered ma-thà more recently in the lessons than an uairsin, so picked the one that was uppermost in my mind. I understand the difference now.

I was just a bit scunnered at having got all of the rest of that long sentence right first time but falling down on that bit!


Or just say: Bidh mi ag ithe dà ceapaire


Could this also be translated as I eat a sandwich and then I eat another sandwich?


How can one make the difference between "I will be eating a sandwich..." and "I eat a sandwich...."?

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