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"Tha mi a' faicinn poileas a' cadal."

Translation:I am seeing a police officer sleeping.

February 1, 2020



I couldn't resist it. Second encounter I typed "I am seeing a sleeping policeman" but it wouldn't accept it. Actually, I can't think why it wouldn't because it seems to be an acceptable translation even if you're not thinking speed bumps.


And there two seem to be more jokes on duolingo gaelic , compared to Italian for example. There isn't much need for sleeping policeman in the Western Isles, cattle grids ,sheep and passing places do the job.


So there may not actually be a Gaelic term for "sleeping policeman" at all? Still a fun joke.


Sleeping policeman? Okay, I definitely learned a new idiom here :D


Hallo Morag I thought the same - also "i am a police" is an American idiom, like " I am a polis"! o/t shame about stu.


Stu will survive. We were all spending too long on Twitter anyway.


Not a speed bump?


That's what I thought. A sleeping policeman. Or, as you say, a speed bump. Something lost in translation here? Or do they really mean a polis having a kip?


I answered correctly and computer said no.


My first thought was it can't be a Police Scotland officer, they are too busy to have time for a kip. Then again maybe that's where that kind of silly busy gets you :)


What is the difference between 'sleeping' and 'asleep'?


The meanings are so similar that they should accept both. I hope they do.


I wondered if it was an nickname for a speedbump in the same way for


But actually I'm guessing the gender of the sleeping policeman means its not actually a good enough translation for duo!

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