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  5. "Are they fighting?"

"Are they fighting?"

Translation:A bheil iad a' sabaid?

February 1, 2020



Oh, how close in spelling and sound are sabaid and Sàbaid. Hmmm. Latha na Sabaid vs. Latha na Sàbaid.


Yep! There are a few words in Gaelic where the accent makes all the difference. That's why it's so important to learn where the accents go as well as the spellings. Not a mistake you'd want to make!


Yep, and despite being really used to a language with accents, I'm finding it a real challenge to remember which words take them in Gaelic. I just need to learn them better, is all.


Usually, the accent marks a long vowel sound. So the first A in 'sàbaid' is a long aaahh sound, whereas in 'sabaid', the first A is a short ah sound. So if you come across a word that has a long vowel sound, chances are there will be an accent on it :)

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