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  5. "This is a difficult thing."

"This is a difficult thing."

Translation:هٰذا شَيْء صَعْب.

February 1, 2020



dear Tino, audio is working.


Hey, thanks for taking note of my post -- what I'm experiencing is that when I go to the discussion forum linked for a lesson sentence, in order to listen to audio for the answer (because audio was not part of the sentence presentation), there is often not a sound button/icon if no comment has yet been posted for that sentence. Several months ago I noticed some other users had posted comments referring to turning on sound etc. as the very first comment in some threads, so I tried that, and voilà, I discovered that the first comment posted usually if not always makes the play-sound button/icon appear and work properly. So when I do a post for that reason, I say something about activating the sound, meaning for the sentence at the beginning of the discussion thread, not Duo sound in general. This is happening usually with Duo access via a Chrome browser, BTW, though I think I've probably also done it via the Duo iPad app.


-- activate audio --

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