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"Tha i blàth ann an Afraga a Deas."

Translation:It is warm in South Africa.

February 1, 2020



I got this one correct, but I started thinking how would one say, "She is warm in South Africa"?


Same sentence, as with any language, context matters.


I got this one correct but the previous one, and another, still say I type in English when I most certainly did not. It is difficult to get out of it when it does this.


Report it via the wee flag in the lesson, and post over on the Troubleshooting forum. This isn't something we can fix ourselves, and the sentence discussions are not meant for reporting technical problems :)


That has happened to me a couple of times. It says I writing in English and won't let me progress. I hit the "no sound" option, or some phrasing to that effect, and it resets. Or you can go through the inconvenience of quitting the lesson and starting it over..

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