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Any Ideas for Learning to Type on Arabic Keyboard?

I have a phone that allows me to pick the language that I can type in. Arabic has so many letters and I have trouble remembering where they fit in a word and how to add the little symbols on top of the letters. I know how to read some Arabic, but since the letters can change form, it is difficult to type them. Any suggestions for learning how to type words? Anyone else having the same issues?

February 1, 2020



for Persian and Urdu and Arabic we write هکذا نکتب فی کل من الالسنه وحاسوبنا فیه الفابیت او حروف هجا ونرجوا الخیر للجمیع والفوزوالنجاح فی دولینجو.


Thank you guys for the tips! I have finally found a resource that teaches me the Arabic alphabet! Now I can use that app and your suggestions to help me with my Arabic! Thanks!!! :D

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