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"Tha an telebhisean air an làr."

Translation:The television is on the floor.

February 1, 2020



Listening 17 April, on headphones to the sentence, the "T" sounds like a t, and "air" and "lar" both sound the r, so the file must have been updated.


I'm not sure how anyone is supposed to hear the "air am" in that sentence as spoken. I knew it was there because the sentence has appeared earlier in written form, but even knowing that I couldn't hear it.


This is because the speaker is saying aiθ an laθ. I am using the θ to represent the English th sound which replaces r in Lewis Gaelic. It is usually quite weak so it takes getting used to but it is a perfectly valid pronunciation.

I thought this only applied to slender r, so either I am wrong, or this is an unusual variant?

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