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  5. "Vos Romae habitatis."

"Vos Romae habitatis."

Translation:You live in Rome.

February 2, 2020



Is there a difference between vos romae habitatis and romae habitatis? Is Vos optional?


Vos is optional since habitatis already specifies the subject. Vos could be used to emphasis the subject, "YOU live in Rome (we/they do not)."


Is it really necessary to rrrrroll your Rs that much?


If you're a native speaker of a language that rolls their Rs, then it's pretty easy to both trill the Rs (like the speaker for this question), or just tap it. I'm just happy they're able to roll their Rs!


I'm French and I can do it so it's not that hard lol


Well, if the rolling R sound is not native for a speaker who voices the sentences - then it may be difficult for him to just make that sole alveolar tap. But you have to admit that besides of that he does his work really well.


I accidently typed "Nos Romae habitates" and it didn't even mark it as a typo. Does someone know how the typos are detected from Duolingo?


I love how I understand everything (while I'm French which was likely the Romance language that drifted the most from Latin) but I can barely speak it even if I studied it for 3 years


How do you remember the difference between 'Vos' and 'Nos' ?


If you know other Romance languages, you may be able to relate them to the equivalents in that language. Vos compared to vous and nos to nous in French as an example.

Otherwise, they will just have to be learned like any other vocabulary word.


The pronunciation of æ is only "e" añd not "ae".


There is not a single pronunciation scheme for Latin.

The pronunciation of 'ae' in the reconstructed Classical Latin (which this course uses) is not just 'e'.

Some other pronunciation schemes, like Ecclesiastical, do as you say.


Duo also accepted, "You ALL live in Rome". That's because "you" is third person plural.


'You' is second person.

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