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  5. "DIvI' Hol yaj torgh."

"DIvI' Hol yaj torgh."

Translation:Torg understands English.

February 2, 2020



What is wrong with this sentence: Dlvl' Hol yaj torgh?

If you saw right away that instead of capital eye (I) the second and fourth letters in DIvI' have been written as lower case ell (l) then you are more observant than many students here.

If you didn't see it, don't worry. You have lots of company. Klingon has both an l and an I but you don't need to look at the little curl on the bottom every time, because I can never come at the beginning of a word, immediately adjacent to another vowel, or immediately before what looks like a lower case h. The only time the letter l isn't next to a vowel is when it is between t and h as part of the Klingon letter tlh. You don't even have to memorize that, because it will become obvious and natural with just a little practice.


"Torgh understands English" was marked as having a typo. (Klingon names are supposedly not supposed to need translation)

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