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  5. "I am walking today."

"I am walking today."

Translation:मैं आज चल रहा हूँ ।

February 2, 2020



If I'm a woman, I should say रही instead of रहा right? I used that and my answer wasn't accepted


Yes. You can report if you see the sentence again.


I had this sentence challenge with a woman saying it in English, but I couldn't even chose the feminine. In my answer. I had to give the WRONG answer to move past that lesson.


Can anyone comment on the word position of आज? I notice it often comes early in sentences, but not sure I understand the rules about where to place it.


The usual place to put it would be between the subject and the verb.

However, आज मैं चल रहा हूँ is also right. That places more emphasis on आज

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