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Questions for Arabic speakers! (Gulf natives preferably)

[deactivated user]

    Dear Arabic Speakers,

    I have time on my hands and as a result want to invest it in learning Arabic to be able to connect better with my Saudi and UAE brothers (and of course any other Arabic speakers I might meet in the future). My goal is to be fully conversational in 2 years and in that same time, to be able to understand TV and newspapers. I do not know how to start though, currently I'm just reading Saudi news-sites to familiarise myself further with the script and I'm watching Takki (out of which I only make out the utmost basic words and phrases such as Afwan, Shukran etc) for cultural immersion and listening comprehension.

    What approach would you take to re-learning your native language? Do you know any good websites for learning Saudi dialect? Any tips in general?

    All answers are highly appreciated!

    February 2, 2020


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