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  5. "A bheil peathraichean agad?"

"A bheil peathraichean agad?"

Translation:Do you have sisters?

February 2, 2020



When is the correct time to use 'peathraichean' over piuthar? Because Tha dà piuthar agam is also correct. Both meaning sisters...


Peathraichean is the plural. It is used exactly as you would sisters in English, except after and a few other words that will be introduced in due course.

is followed by the singular (or something that looks like it to be technical) and causes lenition, so it is dà phiuthar. To avoid confusion it is much better to think of the two problems separately:

Should it be lenited?
Should I use the plural form?

Especially when doing the questions where you have to pick the right one from a list of similar words, it is much better to answer these questions separately.


If you look at the tips section on numbers it mentions that one and two use singular words, something to do with the way gaelic counts in 20's rather than 10's.


After dà you use the singular form (and after aon and cia/cò mheud) - otherwise use plural - at least that's my understanding so far. The choice offered here was pointing us to "sisters", I think.

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