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  5. "Sometimes I am calm."

"Sometimes I am calm."

Translation:Interdum placidus sum.

February 2, 2020



you poor person, I try to be calm too


"Interdum placida sum" was not accepted by the program. Is first-person speech always masculine, regardless of the subject's gender?

[deactivated user]

    Right now "Interdum placida sum" it is accepted.


    Oh Anna, no it isn’t. My female version was marked wrong.

    [deactivated user]

      I confirm again that the feminine is accepted, few days ago I tried either "Interdum placida sum" and "Interdum sum placida", and both were accepted.

      Perhaps you made another error, such as maybe you wrote "interdiu" that means "during the day", I often mistake these two words too and I also mix them together generating "interdu". ^_^


      Thanks Anna. I am often wrong!

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