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  5. "Marjory has a doll."

"Marjory has a doll."

Translation:Tha doileag aig Marsaili.

February 2, 2020



Hi. I don't mean to be overly pedantic, but the only answer to your comment is that is how the language works - what you are saying is that the order of words in gaelic can make no sense to a non-native speaker. That may, and often is, true but if you think about it languages don't really permit such questions (if your comment was framed as one) since the grammar makes perfect sense to those whose mother tongue the language it is - how could it not. The order of the words is verb-X-at someone/something, e.g, There is a cat at me/Marjory. To a native english speaker it may sound odd. As a boy in the 1950's my elderly neighbours were native speakers who couldn't speak english very well - they probably thought the word order of English didn't make any sense.

The more you read/write/speak gaelic the less strange the word order will seem - guaranteed! C


Hi Colin, thanks for your explantion. I wasn't meaning to be disrespectful. My understanding was that the order of words is Verb, Subject, Object as in so many other languages. I think I have grasped most other aspects of the Gaelic grammatical construction, but this one eluded me! Sorry! I will try harder! :)


The order of words in this sentence makes no sense at all.


I agreed because it didnt seem to match the rest of what I've learned so far. I think maybe it has to do with the order being different for different verbs. I'm not sure.


Not sure why this is in a module on the weather...

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