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  5. "हम आ रहे हैं ।"

"हम रहे हैं "

Translation:We are coming.

February 3, 2020



In English grammatical form of this sentence is present continuous, but the meaning of usually future (e.g. He is coming soon, They are coming to the party tomorrow, We are all coming i.e. will come). A lot movement verbs in English (can) have this (e.g. going, walking, taking the train). Is this true for Hindi as well? Does 'is coming' refer to a future event? Or only to a present action/process?


Yes. The present continuous tense can be used for fixed events in the future in Hindi as well. Eg: हम कल आपके घर आ रहे हैं (We are coming to your house tomorrow).


Am I correct in saying that in general conversation हम आ रहे (or Ham aare) would be used - at least that's what it sounds like to me?


No. The हैं cannot be dropped. What you are hearing is the हे from रहे being squished with the हैं while speaking fast making it sound like 'hum aaray hain'.


OK, Thanks Vinay. It's confusing trying to link the colloquial with the written language. In my region they use Ham for the first person as in this case meaning "I am coming".


the translation on hover says we are going to come - so this should be correct as it is what we are told it means!

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