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DuoLingo Kids - IPad only?

Hi, I am looking to manage a classroom at a school where all the students have Chromebooks. I don't seem to be able to get DuoLingo Kids any other way than an iPad. Is this correct?

I find with younger students DuoLingo gets too difficult quickly. I appreciate your thoughts on how I might manage this with lots of young students who have laptops.

February 3, 2020



Hello Robert,

if the app would be available on Android (which it probably is not what I have read so far) then you could probably install an Android emulator software on a (another) Linux or Windows computer or computer room.

But with a (student) Chrome OS Laptop this probably will also not work; you actually are seeking for a (complementary???) learning portal which can be accessed on the Chrome browser?!?

Quote: I find with younger students DuoLingo gets too difficult quickly.

Well, Duolingo heavily focuses on reading and writing and translating sentences back and forth with different length and difficulty.

The mobile apps focus more on tapping of word banks but the web also allows the usage (toggle button); but having to heavily use the mouse on a real Laptop computer is such a pain....or you need a hybrid device which has a touchscreen monitor as well.

I guess there is a minimum age what pupils can manage at a specific age?

I think you have already answered your question for yourself.

Aren't there any classic resources which your school has access to which takes account of the pupils age and the required learning/teaching style?

Quote: on how I might manage this with lots of young students who have laptops.

Have you checked "Mango languages"?

I know that there is a specific "homeschool program" too and so far I have heard that it focuses more on speaking - lessons layout is probably different?

But I had no chance to personally test it (for Portuguese BR) as I am not located in the US or Canada and there is not a single online library in German or Europe where I could get free access to.

There also is "Mondly Kids" available, but only as an app (I tried it on Android), not on the website.


Why don't you check out Duolingo Tinycards, or make some yourself? I am trying to incorporate pictures in mine so that there is no reliance on English. Your kids could get the Duolingo Experience without writing too much.

Search for "MadameSensei" if you want to see mine. I still need to put pictures in my verb decks, and some of my Japanese decks get complicated, but I have pictures for all the main verb conjugations in French and Spanish, and pictures for school supplies, some food, etc.

Hopefully that will give you an idea of what you can do with your kids and their computers.

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