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Need some help in arabic !

Hello, thanks for reading this. I just wanna ask if someone can help me with the phonetics in arabic. I mean, what is the difference between ط and ت and how can we know , when there is the cheddah ُّ if i should say "u" or "ou" (by the way i'm french so my pronounciation is different than english speakers) thank you <3

February 3, 2020



Its a subtle difference and hard for beginners.

Try pronouncing the word teeth vs the word bottle in English.

With the first one (ت like in teeth), your tongue will reach to the front of your mouth and should touch near the top of your upper teeth.

When you pronounce the second (ط, as in bottle) your tongue is pulled back a bit and reaches the back of your upper gums creating a softer sound. This also affects the sound of the vowels that comes after.

The shadda should only affect the pronunciation of consonants, the vowel sound after it should not change and it does not change the sound itself of the letter it is written over, the sound is just emphasized or pronounced for longer. Do a quick search on youtube and you will find many examples.

I hope that helps.


Salut, La différence entre ط et ت tient surtout au caractère "emphatique" de la premiere sorte de T . Il faut la prononcer en faisant résonner le T dans la bouche, de la même manière que pour le D emphatique ou le Z emphatique ( ض et ظ


Most people have this problem with similar sounding letters. It is like the qa and the ka so if I say qalb and kalb they almosts ound the same. The difference with the daa and the taa is the daa is a strong letter , pronounced with kind of force and the taa is something much lighter , with your teeth for emphasis. Oh well This probably didn't make sense. I don't have an Arabic keyboard. Sorry

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