My apologies to one and all, especially Moderators.

It has not been my intention to "spam" - that infers nuisance intent.

If the same problems appear in several lessons, unless someone raises the issues, how are they likely to be addressed?

I have used the "Report" button for technical issues many times.

I cannot believe I am the only one having these problems.

I can only apologise if my attempts to be helpful are seen in a different light to what was intended.

Enjoy your lessons, everyone. I will not be posting any further comments. :'(

February 3, 2020


Hey, I feel I should explain a little; to both yourself and the other users.

We love discussion here, and actively encourage it! If you have a general topic (relevant to Gaelic), you can post on the forum itself - as you have done here. Then, anybody on the forum can see your post and engage with it.

Now, the forum also has what are called 'sentence discussions'. These are threads that are attached to individual sentences - every sentence (there are thousands on this course) has its own sentence discussion.

Sentence discussions are specifically for asking questions about the grammar, syntax, pronunciation etc. of that particular sentence. Anything else is considered off-topic and therefore classed as spam.

If you are having a problem with sentence, please report it via the wee flag. And please, please, please (to all users who may read this comment) do not report something unless you are absolutely positive there is an issue. It's a lot of work to read through reports, but even more so when so many of them just typos. In my experience, around 1 in 100 reports is a legitimate one. You can imagine how time-consuming it can be clearing through those :)

If you do come across a legitimate issue and report it, we will get a notification in the incubator. If you report an issue via the sentence discussions, we are not guaranteed to see it. As I mentioned earlier, there are thousands of those, and we have neither the time nor the manpower to sift through them manually.

But back to the issue of spam. Or "spam", perhaps. I don't doubt that it was unintentional on your part, but if you do have a problem with audio for example, what you would do is: report via the flag button, and then (if necessary), leave a brief comment in the sentence discussion explaining the issue. You do not need to leave multiple comments, as it doesn't alert us to the issue any more than one comment does. What then happens on our side is: I see a report for audio. I first listen to the audio to work out if there are any obvious issues with it. If there is, I take the appropriate action; if not, I go to the sentence discussion and see if anyone has left a comment explaining the issue. From there, I can take action.

At the moment, we're having a problem recording audio. It's something that is currently in the hands of Duolingo staff, so for the time being, we can't actually fix any of the audio. Which is very frustrating, for both you guys and us. :(

So yeah, please don't feel discouraged from posting on the forum, we do encourage you all to do so! What we don't encourage though is multiple posts by the same person on sentence discussions - we know it can be frustrating when you can't get past a particular exercise, but it's best not to take your frustration to the sentence discussions - that's not what they are for. Although if you wanted to make a post in the forum itself about any difficulties you're having with the course, then by all means do. I won't stop you from doing that.

The very best of luck with the rest of the course, Rebekah :)

Hi Joanne,

Thanks very much for explaining how the system works. That is very helpful. I will watch out for the "Flag" - currently I have only seen "Report" or "Discuss", so I must have missed any other options.

Onwards and upwards, then! Thanks.

You're welcome! It's the 'Report' button I meant, I think it sometimes shows as a flag?

Having checked it, there is a wee flag beside the report button on the browser version!

I also haven't seen a "flag" button yet. Maybe it's just another name for report button?

I think the flag is on the web browser. But yes, it's the report button.

I use always the web browser. But it can be they have 2 different versions for testing.

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