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  5. more than 3000 XP per day?


more than 3000 XP per day?

hello, i am wondering how is it possible to reach more than 3000 XP every day, as I see in several players profiles. It seems to me mostly not probable to do 150/200 lessons per day. Any ideas? If there is some backdoor, the week competition is not really fair... Thanks for reply.

February 3, 2020

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I have just seen, that score of some player increase by hundreds XP in one step. How is it possible? Please clear this stupid bug.


Competition is not fair

Just wondering why you care when there is not any reward from achieving that.
There are programs (gimp and photoshop to name a few) that will make you the winner of whatever you want without having to hastle with some third party programs.

P.S. there is an option that the cheating can be unintentional so hopefly thwy will not mess things up because of some badges nobody really cares about. Luckily the dev team cares shhhhh it about costumer opinions. There is more to be lost than ehat can be gained. At the end of the day you learned something and it counts.

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