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Arabic : Your name? (Some corrections)

كَرَاجَك بارِد وَبَيْتَك جَميل يا سام

garaajak baarid wa baytak jamiil yaa saam

This sentence is not correct - I often hear mistakes like these when Egyptians use MSA

the correct sentence is :

كَرَاجُكَ بارِدٌ وَبَيْتُكَ جَميلٌ يا سام

garaajoka baaridon wa baytoka jamiilon yaa saam

Remember this :

When the first word of a sentence is a noun it is (mobtada2)

(al-mobtada2) is always in the (raf3 case)

which mean that the last letter of it is (marfoo3) = ending with the sound (o)

attention : the noun is only (كَراجُ) - the particle (كَ) is a pronoun - it is always pronounced (ka) when it means (your for a masc. person)

here we have two sentences related by the conjunction (wa)

the sentence after (wa) also begins with a nouns - it is also a (mobtada2) - it must be ended with an (o) : (بَيْتُ)

the word that follows (al-mobtada2) is called (al-khabar) - it must be in the same case as (a-mobtada2) : (بارِدٌ) and (جَميلٌ)

why do we have (tanwiin) here : because the two nouns are without (al)

if you have understood what I have explained here - you can easily find the other incorrect sentences in this skill

put them in the comments if you find them

People who made this skill are less competent than pupils in a primary school!

February 4, 2020



Makes sense. I am taking an Arabic course and the teacher has been explaining these concepts of tanween at the end of certain words and so on.



من أين أنت يا جواد؟


من المغرب - وانت؟


Pennsylvania (about one hour west of Philadelphia)

I will write in English because I am not yet so advanced in Arabic. I plan to visit Hurghada (الغردقة) in May, so whenever possible I try to learn the Egyptian words, when they are different from MSA. Maybe one day I will visit Morocco. :)


Have a nice trip!


You are right, these things shall be corrected as soon as possible in order to not mislead people. There are many people who are interested in learning Arabic and they are trying their best, it would be a shame if they learn anything wrong.

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