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  5. "Màiri agus Iseabail."

"Màiri agus Iseabail."

Translation:Mairi and Isabel.

February 4, 2020



Why was choosing "Mhàiri" marked wrong?


Why are some names anglicized, like Andrew and James, but others aren't, like Mairi (instead of Mary)?


I have wondered the same thing. If a bloke was name Seamus, that is what we would call him. Not James. Why make us translate those?


Mhairi is also a name, as I know someone with this name, so why have you marked me wrong? Don't give me an option that's correct in real life and then mark me wrong because it's not what you were thinking, Duo. We can't read your mind...


Mhairi ( mh pronounced V ) is not wrong! I know several here in the West of scotland.

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