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  5. "That is a toilet."

"That is a toilet."

Translation:Sin taigh-beag.

February 4, 2020



I am really confused about the use of 'sin'. In a previous lesson I used 'sin' for 'that is' and was marked wrong and told I should have used 'tha sin'. Here I used 'Tha sin" and was marked wrong. Can anyone explain?


I have the same question - is there anything wrong with "Tha sin taigh-beag", or should it be accepted as an alternative?


As far as I can work out, one uses 'sin' alone to mean 'that is' when what follows is a noun as in 'Sin taigh-beag' whereas it is 'Tha sin' when what follows is an adjective i.e. 'tha sin ro ghoirid'. I have certainly found that applying the two terms this way appears to get correct responses.


Does "toilet" in this context mean both the room and the plumbing fixture?


Yes. In the UK we don't usually differentiate between the washroom and the plumbing fixture.

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