"Tha eun agam."

Translation:I have a bird.

February 4, 2020



Eun sounds very similar to Iain


I have a bird that is named Iain - that means : "Tha eun IAIN agam" ;)


Very similar but not identical yes?
More precisely eun sounds like the way Iain is normally pronounced by English speakers: ie. ee-un ...
...whereas Iain is pronounced in Gaelic more as ee-an. Or at least something half way between -an and -un but clearly different from -un!

Source - am called Iain! (Aeon is a play on my name....)


Question: "Agam," meaning "at me," is used to indicate posession, roughly corresponding to "have" in English.

But to have a friend in English does not mean the friend is actually located near oneself.

Do the conventions of GĂ idhlig care about that distinction?

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