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  5. "Tha i gaothach."

"Tha i gaothach."

Translation:It is windy.

February 4, 2020



Is the weather a girl ?


Could this sentence also be used as, "She is Windy"?


Yes, if in context i referred to a female person or creature, say Mary, you'd translate it as "she." Don't know if "Tha Màiri gaothach" means any of the same things as "Mary is windy" though. And the English sentence has a number of possibilities! Translator beware.


Ha! I see gaothach does mean flatulent, though. (And pneumatic --she is pneumatic? Uh-oh.) Found this -- while the interface is all in Gàidhlig, it does do Gàidhlig-to-English. But I think it's OCR of a scan of a c. 1910 dictionary, so still worthy of caution.


No. Wind is just a feminine word, so instead of using a pronoun for specifically "it" which would be neuter, it's going to be i, for she, is this caee, because the word is feminine. English doesn't have masculine/femine/ neuter nouns and adjectives, but in othe languages they do affect the pronouns, like so. I hope that helps. ^v^

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