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  5. "pejatlhQo' SuSoptaHvIS!"

"pejatlhQo' SuSoptaHvIS!"

Translation:Don't speak while you are eating!

February 5, 2020



This certainly doesn't sound like something you'd hear a Klingon say. 'Klingon for the Galactic Traveler' has about a third of a chapter about Klingon table manners!

Still probably good advice when dining with Terrans.


It might not be about table manners.

Klingon 1: mumble munch mumble mumble munch
Klingon 2: mumble munch mumble choke
Klingon 3: SayajlaHbe' jay'! pejatlhQo' SuSoptaHvIS. (I can't $#$&@ understand you. Don't speak while eating.)


Would SuSoptaHvIS pejatlhQo’! also work? And if so, is there any difference in meaning between the two that I’m missing?


There is not so much a difference in meaning as a difference in presentation. Most of the time the order probably doesn't matter. Occasionally, the order may be important. Perhaps the speaker wants to grab the attention of the room by giving the command first and then reveal the condition for the command. Both English and Klingon allow flexibility of the order, so we ask that you maintain the order in your translation.


Ah, of course — and the difference in presentation hadn’t occurred to me but is very interesting. Thank you!

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