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The many definitions of "ubi"

"Ubi" does not always mean "when"! Here is a list of all of its other meanings with all of the words that also mean the same thing! 1. where: ubi, quo, qua, utro, quatenus, quatinus 2. wherein: quo, ubi 3. whereby: qua, qui, ubi 4. in what place: ubi 5. whereas: quod, ubi, quoniam 6. when: cum, quando, ubi, et, quum, postquam 7. wherein: ubi 8. as soon as: ut, cum primum, simul atque, ubi, uti

February 5, 2020



And never forget "Semper Ubi, Sub Ubi"


Ubi in the Lewis and Short dictionary.


ubi can also mean why. this is more common than where, wherein, in what place, and whereas.

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