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The many definitions of "ubi"

"Ubi" does not always mean "when"! Here is a list of all of its other meanings with all of the words that also mean the same thing! 1. where: ubi, quo, qua, utro, quatenus, quatinus 2. wherein: quo, ubi 3. whereby: qua, qui, ubi 4. in what place: ubi 5. whereas: quod, ubi, quoniam 6. when: cum, quando, ubi, et, quum, postquam 7. wherein: ubi 8. as soon as: ut, cum primum, simul atque, ubi, uti

February 5, 2020



And never forget "Semper Ubi, Sub Ubi"


Ubi in the Lewis and Short dictionary.

[deactivated user]

    ubi can also mean why. this is more common than where, wherein, in what place, and whereas.

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