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  5. "Canis in armario se celat."

"Canis in armario se celat."

Translation:The dog hides itself in the cupboard.

February 5, 2020



Could it not be the dog hides himself in the cupboard?


"The dog hides himself in the closet." should be a perfectly good translation. Dogs come in both genders, and in Latin if its not specified we are taught to assume male. We translate"armario" as closet with clothes and that's also good for a dog. Robot programs like drunk parrots are are"stulti" and unlike Latin inflexible!


Why is "The dog is hiding himself in the closet" incorrect?


Does anyone else think that the speaker of this sentence runs the words together? It seems to me that he runs , i.e., combines, the final consonants of a word with the initial vowel of the following word. Is this how the Romans actually spoke? If so, how do we know?

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