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  5. "Nighean bheag."

"Nighean bheag."

Translation:A small daughter.

February 5, 2020



In the audio, it sounds as if there is an extra letter b between the two words. I've reported this as "The audio does not sound correct".


I think that's just the way you're hearing her form 'bh", she makes it sounds more like 'bv' than you're used to, probably.


I didn't notice this - perhaps because I am used to it - but this is historically correct. Bh and mh were different. Bh was made with both lips /β/ (like a b but letting the air out) so it could sound like /bv/. It is the sound used in Spanish for both b and v. It is reassuring to hear that this phoneme is alive and kicking.

Mh was different. It was /ṽ/ which sounds like a /v/ while holding your nose.


Sounded more like "nighean a bheag" to me. But we know that would be wrong, don't we. .

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