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  5. "I need a cold fridge."

"I need a cold fridge."

Translation:Feumaidh mi frids fuar.

February 5, 2020



Just curious, and I am new at this, I know feumaidh mi means "I need". Would "I want" be iarraidh mi? Maybe this is in a later lesson....


Tha mi ag iarraidh "the thing you want"

You'll get to it


I put "Feumaidh mi fuaradair fuar". This should be accepted. I learnt fuaradair for refrigerator before starting this course and it is listed in LearnGaelic's dictionary, so it is clearly not only an acceptable word but less 'English' than 'frids'.


Sorry, that should have been there! I've added it :)


Would "tha feum agam air frids (fuaradair) fuar" work here as well?


Follow-up: yes, yes it does work here =)


I'm glad to see that. I've had a discussion with a native speaker who said they know feumaidh mi X is perfectly good grammar, but that they use/prefer Tha feum agam air X. I shall also try this style elsewhere when opportunities arise.


I came in here specifically to ask if there was a way to say "I am wanting" to mirror the first construction we learned with a' or ag plus verb


Oops. Accidentally hit send before I was finished..
To continue.... So now I see this alternate way of saying it and wonder if that is what this is?

If it's not, then it's there a way to say it like that or does that only work for certain verbs?

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