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Percentage of articles I can understand displayed at lesson end

The percentage of articles I can understand displayed at lesson end sudenly changed drastically from 95.6% to 49%. This percentage is not something I depend on, but I did see it as a progress marker.

What happened in the system to change it so drastically?

Thanks, Jim Gordon, TheStarVoyager

July 9, 2014



I should definitely add that I have known all along that the percentage rating was grossly overstated. The new, much lower percentage is really more realistic and accurate. I should have mentioned this in my orriginal post.


Yes, the same has happened with me with Italian. I was at 96% with my tree almost complete and now it's at 77%. My German owl is also gone. :p Perhaps these glitches are due to them troubleshooting with the new courses about to come out?

[deactivated user]

    I was at ~30% for Spanish and suddenly jumped to ~60%. Must have been one important lesson, I thought!


    In italian at least, the first percentage reffered to articles on duolingo's immersion, and the second reffered to real texts, not only those selected for translation in Immersion

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