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  5. "Thalla is faigh truinnsear."

"Thalla is faigh truinnsear."

Translation:Go and get a plate.

February 5, 2020



Go get a plate is what we would say in our house. The "and" is rarely there.


Omission of conjunctions is definitely common and valid, but they're still technically there--you just don't say them.


Drat! I wrote "go and fetch a plate" rather than "go and get …" I've suggested this may be acceptable - is it not the same thing?? What do others think? Though I suppose, technically, fetch = the whole phrase, go and get/bring back?


I'm not sure fetch should be accepted, since it carries a connotation of getting one for the speaker whereas I think the intended meaning is more open i.e. it might be saying to get a plate for yourself.

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