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Mature vocab showing up when disabled

I have disabled the "mature" vocabulary for my classroom, but I have students frequently reporting that the words such as wine or beer are showing up anyway. Anyone have the same problem?

February 5, 2020



Are they seeing these words in the stories, or in the regular lessons?

Are the students enrolled in your Duolingo for Schools classroom? Some teachers use Duolingo in their classrooms but don't use a "Duolingo for Schools" classroom.


My students still see beer and wine also. I suppose because they are important parts of culture. I'm not happy with it as a teacher, but I accept it.


Hi Emily,

I understand that these words appearing are frustrating and it currently is an issue that's being investigated by our dev team. We've confirmed that mature words are appearing when they are toggled not to.

As this is being investigated further at the moment, I will provide an update to teachers as soon as it's resolved or I have more information.


This was a year ago, any update or resolution yet? I'm still having the issue!

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