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"What seems to be energy beings inhabit the ruins."

Translation:pIgh Dab HoSDo'Hey.

February 5, 2020



Should this not be luDab? I thought inherently plural words in klingon were still mostly treated like singular words for the sake of prefixes and such?


Your two questions argue against each other. The lu- prefix is used when the subject is grammatically plural. However, as an inherently plural word, HoSDo' is treated as grammatically singular for the sake of prefixes and such. Thus, the null prefix is appropriate.


Yeah, I realized my mistake right after I submitted this question. pIch vIghaj.


Do you know about replacement proverbs?


Oops. Yes. I don't always remember that you're supposed to do them instead of apologies though. HIvqa' veqlargh.


This was news to me, but this discussion combined with some light googling has taught me that, after one has made a mistake in front of other Klingons, one should use a proverb that shifts the blame to an outside source (I think). Are there any other contexts (ie, not reacting to a gaffe) in which one should use a replacement proverb?


That seems to be the main use.

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