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  5. "Do the kids want more fish?"

"Do the kids want more fish?"

Translation:Makemake hou nā keiki i ka iʻa?

February 5, 2020



Someone explain the word order rules!


Same as above, not quite getting this one at all.


Im trying to figure out how the (i) comes into play. Does i mean do?


In my head I think of it as "of". The kids are wanting of something. What is it? The fish. The kids are wanting of the fish. Not how we'd ccolloquially say it in english but that structure emphasizes that the fish is the direct object of the verb "to want".


I think better to think of i as indicating a direct object here (not positive if that's grammatically correct)


iʻa. Related to Malay/Indonesian "ikan"

~Vir pius sacrificat~


Why is it wrong to say "Makemake nā keiki i ka i'a hou"? Is "more" not acting as an adjective describing "fish"?


Seems as though this shows that it's more like "want more" is the point rather than "more fish" (though it would be nice to have someone who knows what they're talking about explain it... :) )

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