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February 5, 2020



when I watch Hindi films they say - Ji (Jee) for yes


It's an abbreviated version of the Hindustani जी हाँ (Urdu: جی ہاں) which, I think, is a more respectful form. When I lived in North India I would hear people use all three forms for Yes interchangeably


There are so many synonyms of yes in india because every state has it's own language but "ji" word shows respect towards others and well mannered


Both work, so...


They say ji as they are respecting to someone whom to you are answering but ji means yes


Ji is respectful like you are talking to your boss or you are taloing to someone very respectfully while han is a casual form. Well haan is used in several formal places too but ji is not said to freinds and younger people or someone who isn't formal...we use ji in freinds as sarcasm


I used «ji hã» with a colleague, and he found it funny because it was «too polite».


Perhaps it's equivalent to «yes, sir/madam», could someone confirm?


Thank you Marcy for for taking the time to answer my query. It’s been niggling with me for a while.


Glad I had a useful answer!


What's your name


My name is ruhi


Duolingo hasnt given any explanation about that symbol above the line; like what sound does it make or how does it modify a pronounciation or anything. I'm talking about the almost half-circle with the dot in it. Can anybody explain this? (Ive been calling it 'happy cyclops' cuz it looks like a smiley face with just one eye) like so, but turned clockwise 90 degrees. •)


Hi IAmCrazyHope!! I'm here to explain you about the symbol Chandra Bindu. The symbol which is above the line is called as Chandra Bindu. This word is derived from Chandra and Bindhi, Chandra means moon in Hindi and Bindhi is a dot which Indians keep on their fore head and here, the curve looks similar to moon and that dot looks similar to a bindhi. Chandra Bindu gives a sound like 'aan' and the letter here is pronounced as 'Haan'.


NO audio for this word on this type of exercise on the APP. EVER. Been flagging it repeatedly, so I'm now reporting it here as well.


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Yes is the answers

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