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How to type characters with the Kahako?

Just wondering if there's any way to type characters with the Kahako without having to change my keyboard settings, perhaps like on the num pad or something? It gets quite annoying having to click on the letters with the Kahako rather than being able to just type them on my keyboard lol. If anybody can help that would be absolutely epic, I use Windows 10 and I use my laptop's keyboard. Also, good wishes to everybody else out there learning Hawai'ian!

February 5, 2020



Hi ShnowyFox! What I do is use a keyboard on my screen. I can put it in several differant languages, and it can help with characters like ñ or ō. (just examples)

How I did this?

I right clicked on my tabs bar. (Where all those icons like word and chrome are) Then I clicked on "show touch keyboard"

I hope this helps! (Sorry if it is confusing)


Thanks my dude! I'm gonna try this out a bit and see if I like it! your epic!

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