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  5. "Tha an leabhar air an làr."

"Tha an leabhar air an làr."

Translation:The book is on the floor.

February 5, 2020



This got stuck on "you typed in English, not Gaelic" for minor errors (in the Gaelic), and refused to move on to the next question unless I typed random letters


I had the same problem. My only escape route was to select 'can't listen right now'. I think Duolingo needs to provide a 'skip' option or 'I give up' or 'reveal' the correct answer


Thats a great idea John574319 I had heard leabhar before but I was hearing the first letter as 'd' and got stuck I tried leaving the word out and then putting in another gaelic word but neither worked and was repeatedly told as averyone else had that I was writing in English. I didn't want to go down the 'can't listen' route so I just wrote any gaelic word on its own and I got onto the answer page thank goodness. I think any of the ideas suggested by John574319 would be helpful.


I had the same problem. I'd not heard leabhar pronounced that way and had to go back to my notes and try everything that could possibly be what I heard as yar. I had to quit the lesson and came back to it tonight and it still took many tries. What I put in was never English.


It sounded like yar to me as well. Is this one of those words with a regional variance, like sibh?

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