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Arabic : Family 2 (Some corrections)

The course is very easy for me - I will find doing the lessons very boring - But doing tests is okay - I can bear it - so I will not come across the totality of mistakes in every skill - in some sentences the course makers ovoid marking the cases - they let the last consonant silent - it's okay - this is not considerd as a mistake - but when the nouns are attached to the possessives - the course makers are obliged to mark the cases - and then they make mistakes - these are the corrections of the mistakes I found in this skill

English عربية
where is your cityJudy? أَيْنَ مَدينَتُكِ يا جودي؟
2ayna madiinato-ki yaa joodii
your cat is smart Bob قِطَّتُكَ ذَكِيَّةٌ يا بُوبْ
9iTTato-ka dhakiyyaton yaa bob
your teacher Judy is smart, sam أُسْتاذَتُكَ جودي ذَكِيَّةٌ يا سام
2ostaadato-ka joodii dhakiyyaton yaa saam
February 5, 2020


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