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  5. "Where are the children?"

"Where are the children?"

Translation:Càite a bheil a' chlann?

February 5, 2020



Why would it be a' chlann rather than 'na chlann', being plural, pls? :)


I think because "clann" on its own already means the plural "children", not "child". So even though it represents a plural amount, it's (grammatically-speaking) a singular noun.


Exactly. Incidentally if you for some reason really want to make use of "clann" for the idea of a single child (as opposed to other words like "pàiste" or "leanabh") you can say "duine-cloinne".


I would be interested to know how common that word, that I have only seen in a dictionary, is.

Here is a link to a page with a lot more on the subject (mostly by me).

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