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  5. "He is wanting a watch."

"He is wanting a watch."

Translation:Tha e ag iarraidh uaireadair.

February 6, 2020



is toil leam the chorus of different voices that recite each word in the audio of this sentence. tapadh leibh.


Break down for uaideadair by chance?


Uair relates to time/hour. The suffix *might imply agency, like -er in English. time-er, keeper approximately..


This sounds totally plausible. A similar word, uaireadóir exists in Irish. MacBain suggests it comes from *horatorium? where the * and ? are his, so basically he is guessing that it comes from an unknown Latin word.

But -torium in Latin means 'a room' so that is not very likely.

My guess is that it is formed the same way as the time-er that you mention. That should be *uairear. Just try saying that and I think you can see why they put the d in?

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