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  5. "Is sinne Seumas agus Màiri."

"Is sinne Seumas agus Màiri."

Translation:We are James and Mairi.

February 6, 2020



'Seumas' is a name well-recognised in English. It feels bizarre to 'translate' it into 'James'. Particularly as you are not also turning 'Mairi' (much less-commonly encountered in English than 'Seumas') into 'Mary'.


Yeah, i don't understand this either. The vast majority would recognise the name Seumas, especially the more common Irish spelling, Séamas. Imo, a name should never be translated anyway, since it's a name


I agree people can keep their names, but they can also change them, if they choose. Many people, like me, choose to use a Gaelic version of their English name in a Gaelic context, but most people who have a Gaelic name to start with choose to keep it.

But you need to know the equivalents as names get translated into Gaelic on the Gaelic news, and in historical contexts. Names are not normally tanslated out of Gaelic in a modern context but they are in a historical one.


I know that Iain is "John" which my legal first name. What be the Gaelic version of my pen name "Jack?" Tapadh leat.

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