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Travel in a month


I'm planning on going to Skye in just over three weeks time (I currently live in Aberdeen), and I'm close to finishing the tree. I was hoping if anyone here had advice on any other parts of the language that was be useful for me to 'cram' before I head over so I can properly practice.

February 6, 2020



I live half the year on Skye, south of Port Righ, A place called «The Braes” across the sound from Rassay.. Can’t answer your question about the parts of the language that would be useful save greetings, the weather (rain, wind, mist, rain, wind, mist...) and perhaps food. But I doubt very much that you will find many people to try your Gaelic with. Certainly not in the south or central parts of Skye. Better chance in the North and more so on the Outer Hebrides. They are around but how do you find them? Perhaps small, rural pubs. Perhaps a church service on Sundays. Ask at the local libraries. Check out the university in Sleat. Don’t hesitate to use what you have. You might get a “hit”. Best I can do. Hope you’re successful and are not too disappointed. D


If you are going to be in Skye, plan a visit to Sabhal Mòr Ostaig in Sleat. If you go in the main entrance on the main campus (Àrainn Chaluim Chille), inside the door is the reception desk and to the left of that is the SMO shop with lots of books in Gaelic and about Gaelic. I suspect the staff there will be happy to have a short conversation in Gaelic with you.

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