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Two Suggestions

1.) Hire some native speakers to replace the robotic voices that speak all of the languages currently, because the robotic voices sometimes pronounce some things much too fast, or cut off a word a little, and that just creates massive confusion.

2.) Add some Asian languages. After all, many people are interested in Asian culture and there are many major Asian world powers that current language students (and language enthusiasts) would be greatly benefited being able to communicate with.

That's all. The site is already super great how it is now, but I just thought that those things might make it even better. :)

April 30, 2013



Duolingo has already tested real human voices and the consensus was people preferred the robot. I think duolingo plans to add Chinese at some point.


Wow, I did not know about that. When was this testing held? Did you take part?


No I was not in the test group. I think Luis duolingo's founder mentioned it in a thread on r/duolingo at reddit.


I have no problems with the robotic voice, but then I've also hit the play button as many times as I need to make out the phrase. 8 D.

Asian Languages would be great! I am all for Japanese-- but then there are so many resources out there already for it.

How bout some Gaelic languages?? Scottish? Welsh?


I think that would be cool. I'm up for any language, really:)


I think Duolingo has enough languages. It's at the point where it needs to refine what it has, and improve the social content.

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