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"Your garage is pretty and new, Samia."

Translation:كَراجِك جَميل وَجَديد يا سامْية.

February 6, 2020



(1) It should be "karaajuki..." كراجُكِ as the phrase is in the nominative case (or mubtada2 marfu3 مبتدأ مرفوع) -- with 2nd-person singular feminine. This is the Standard Arabic Grammar (close to Quranic version).

(2) "karaajik" كراجِك (in the nominative case) is just how the pronunciation of some local dialect is.


Is there a difference in meaning between كَراجَك and كَراجِك?


Karajak = your garage if the person owning the garage is male, karajik if female.


I am trying to use the arabic keyboard, can someone help me how to make the stripes and 9 above a letter for the a and u sound?


First learn the entire language


ُ (u-sound) = shift + e; َ (a-sound) = shift + q; ِ (i-sound) = shift + a.


why مرآب and not كَراجِ ?


Ok so now I only have the problem with seperate writing in the blocks with the possible answers I can choose from. And when correct answer is shown, it is displayed in connected writing. Maybe this can help solving the problem with the separate writing issue???

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