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"Tha e briste. Cha robh e cruaidh gu leòr."

Translation:It is broken. It was not hard enough.

February 6, 2020



Every time I see the word "cruaidh" I smile, because I remember my old house in Islay, "Ard Chruaidh". I did like it, wish I could have kept it for holidays after I left.


I'm curious. I can't find a meaning for ard, although there are lots for àrd, but none seem to go with chruaidh, except maybe High Hard? I'm from the US, where we don't name our houses (we only use efficient, but very boring, numbers and streets). I do know that house names can be somewhat idiomatic, so I may be missing something on Ard Chruaidh. Can you enlighten me as to the meaning? Tapadh leibh, a charaid!


I'm fairly sure whoever named the house, though on an island where there is Gaelic, didn't know any better and left off the accent. And I didn't know any better either. Always reckoned it meant "the rocky high place", which suited just fine.


If my place had a name then it would involve the word "boglach" (swampy).

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