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Part of course not working?

Scottish Gaelic, level 3, "About Me" section, level 1/5 doesn't seem to be working for me. I click "start" and it just shows the little "tips / start" panel again.

February 6, 2020



There are already about five threads started by people descibing exactly the same problem. It seems to be new because it wasn't there when I did that bit of the tree a couple of weeks ago. But it's been reported several times over the past few days.

ETA: Here you go, five separate threads describing exactly the same thing, over the past three days.







I've just noticed that in my completely golden tree, the "About Me" topic you mention has what seems to be a crack in it, and the progress bar is no longer quite at the end. None of the other topics is like this.

ETA: So I clicked on it and was told to practise the skill to restore it. So I did that. Didn't change, still shows as broken and still wants me to do a practice lesson to restore it. Something seriously weird about this.

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