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  5. "ʻEhia oʻu palaka aloha?"

"ʻEhia oʻu palaka aloha?"

Translation:How many aloha shirts do I have?

February 6, 2020



What technically is the difference between an aloha shirt and a Hawaiian shirt?


The difference is that Hawaiians called the shirt style Aloha Shirt. People not from Hawaii decided to call the shirt Hawaiian Shirt instead of what the locals call it. Not sure why, I guess because they didnʻt want to explain Aloha to others, makes it more marketable, which equals money in the hands of non-hawaiians.


Or maybe people are just sloppy with language and other people's cultures. Since they went to Hawai'i and bought a shirt, they call it a Hawaiian shirt. I'm happy to learn the real name!


With all the Boogaloo foolishness maybe don't wear yours for a while :-(


Hawaiian shirts have very bright colors and look kinda tacky.

Aloha shirts have more muted colors and look more professional.

They arenʻt the same thing really.


'Ehia o'u = How many __ do I have?

palaka aloha = aloha shirts


I thought it would be “How many aloha shirts do you have?”


O'u = I, Ou = you

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