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  5. "Mangio cioccolato."


"Mangio cioccolato."

April 30, 2013



I definitely need some help... It seems the "l" in "cioccolato" is pronounced not like the "l" in "lei", but like the "t" in "hater" (American English), or like the "r" in "cara" (Spanish), I mean, like a tap. Am I right? It also seems the Italian "t" is stronger than the Spanish one, but softer than the English one. Is it true, or am I mishearing everything? Thank you.

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Hm I'm not sure what you mean, especially regarding the L, to me it sounds the same as any L, but the recorded voice is indeed shaky. You can compare with a recording at http://www.comesipronuncia.it/pronuncia/4885/cioccolato or http://it.forvo.com/word/cioccolato/


Wow, those are really great links! Thank you so much! (Yes, the pronunciation sounds awkward and it is a shame for us who are trying to grasp it the best as possible...) Best regards

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