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Why doesn't a new level open up when I turn all prior lessons Gold?

I've completed all the Basic lessons, turning the medallions gold. I've also completed all the Level 1 lessons, with them turning gold as well. But the level two lessons have not become available to me.

All I can do is review prior lessons, which I get about 70 - 80% right. How can I move forward?

February 7, 2020


  • Tap "castle" icon number 2
  • finish the quiz
    You might get words and grammar you did not get before. Don't worry, you will always pass the quiz.
  • After passing the quiz, the next row of skills will be unlocked (purple)


You have to click the castel (checkpoint) and do the test


Don't you have to pass the castle test or something? Click on the castle at the bottom of level 1 and if you pass the next level opens up. I can't recall the procedure exactly so forgive me if I'm not clear but I don't remember it being difficult to find. Or maybe you have some sort of techno glitch and will have to report it somewhere. Good luck getting further with it.

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