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"In the evening you fill the dirty tub."

Translation:Vesperi labrum sordidum impletis.

February 7, 2020



labrum mundum malo

I prefer a clean tub


Too many of Duo's Latin courses are about modern America. contrary to what you might think, few people in New York speak Latin.

This one made me think about Roman bathing. Perhaps on a farm which is too far from a city for them to go to the public bars, they have their own bath. The paterfamilias bathes first, then his wife, then the children, boys first, then girls, oldest to youngest, and finally the slaves, from most senior to youngest. The tub would get dirty. They didn't have pressure washers. They couldn't buy detergent in the out of town superstore.


this sound more like Japan! So far in our lessons, we've been talking about urban Rome...with the forum, the bathhouses, etc. I don't think we've run across slaves yet...but an awful lot of parrots! They don't have parrots native in Italy, do they? I thought they came from South and Central America.

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So "you fill" can be Imples or Impletis?


Yes, however remember imples is singular (when 'you' is one person) and impletis is plural (when 'you' is more than one person).


I am confused. Which "you" is singular? -s or -tis??? I assume from the hints it's the latter, but I am getting marked wrong when I use with "tu."


(tu) ... imples : -s is singular.

(vos) ... impletis : -tis is plural.

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